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In Australia, the construction industry is booming yet in the construction industry shortage of skills is a reality.  In other words, there are more possibilities to join the industry and according to current trends, career growth is guaranteed. Below are some reasons why you should consider joining the industry.

The real deal!

Someone holding a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) will usually be involved in meeting the needs of builders, quality assurance, dealing with contractors and liaising with clients. Whereas the duties and challenges vary depending on the projects people are working on. This is a vibrant and challenging position that is far from being monotonous; a novelty in an era where challenging work is one of the ways to motivate staff.

The perks!

Working in the construction industry has a lot of advantages. In addition to a great pay check, one gets to enjoy the outdoors and working in different environments and different teams. The balance between office and field work also has its benefits. It is known that people who work outdoors or those whose work involves manual labour sleep better, are less stressed, and are less likely to become obese. In addition to various health benefits such as reduced stress, maintaining normal blood pressure, working outdoors also boosts creativity. For those who enjoy variety, construction is the best industry.

Every construction site is unique, there is therefore no risk of boredom! In a nutshell, this profession offers both a good pay, work life balance and helps you stay healthy! The combination of these perks is what many people in the workforce can only begin to dream of! When one thinks of how simple joining this industry is, it would be a loss not giving it a shot!

How to join the industry!

Depending on one’s goals and experience, there are many ways of joining the industry. For those who already have experience in the industry and have other transferable skills, there is a possibility to obtain a qualification without attending any classes. This is commonly known as Recognition of Prior learning (RPL), where people give evidence of their experience to obtain qualifications. Many companies offer a free skill assessment. Why not give it a shot? Alternatively, you can seek the right advice from education providers or take an online course to join the industry.

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