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Although formal learning is the most pervasive form of learning there is, a lot of learning happens through informal channels. Simply put formal education stands for education that is provided by specialised institutions such as schools and colleges by trained teachers/educators while informal learning happens naturally when one is performing all sorts of other activities. For instance one might help his or her parents in a pizza restaurant and after years of helping, one might realise that they accumulate a lot of knowledge that is comparable if not better than those who acquired the same knowledge through formal means. Being able to prove this knowledge can give you a competitive advantage as you look for jobs but often require proof. This is where recognition of prior learning (RPL) comes in.

Through RPL you get a qualification based on what you already know, all you have to do is provide evidence of what you already know. Depending on what it is you want to showcase there are several ways of showcasing what you know. Below are some tips.

Be prepared to take pictures and/or videos for your achievement.

If you receive an award or are recognised publicly by your company, event photographs or videos are a gold mine, they are the best proof to showcase your big achievement actually happened and was celebrated. This needs to be done while the event (example: awards, celebrations for a newly signed deal, etc.) is happening as you might not be able to go back and do it for the purpose of taking the picture or video. You might need some prior preparation or simply be spontaneous.

Know when and how to ask for recommendations that will create an impression.

In everyday work sometimes your superior might come and tell you how great you are. That is a great opportunity if in that moment you get them to put it in writing, their emotions will allow them to write a killer recommendation and the more positive the recommendation, the better the outcomes. Other tips for asking good recommendations are nicely asking different people to focus on different skills and interests. You might not have a formal qualification for some of these skills hence these recommendations can help you provide evidence for RPL.

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