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You might realise you spend years perfecting a certain craft either because it is part of your job or simply because you enjoy doing it. If this sounds familiar, why not get an accredited qualification?

You may be discouraged by the time you need to spend in class, the amount of money you have to spend and the effort required to complete assignments, however fret no more. The government has endorsed a new concept dubbed Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL to make things easier for you.

According to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), RPL stands for an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.

McKkr’s makes this an easy choice, offering a wide range of qualifications and industries that our RPL program covers.


  1. You deserve a qualification for your experience.
  2. Save time and money: reduced fees and no need to attend classes.
  3. Wherever you are in the world, RPL and/or Workplace Assessment can be arranged.
  4. You can get Certificate II, III, IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma for various occupations and/or fields.
  5. Through RPL you can have access to over 500 accredited qualifications.


For a better understanding of the concept below are the main steps:

1. Skills review

This is the very first step aimed at determining whether you are eligible. It simply consists of an initial conversation or submission of a CV and any other document that is relevant to the qualification you wish to get. This can be done via the phone or via e-mail and our assessors at McKkr’s help you move to the next step.

2. Evidence or portfolio analysis

After the skills review, the assessor at McKkr’s will proceed with this step which basically involves helping you to compile evidence of your competence. For example a cook might choose to submit a video demonstrating their skills in a commercial kitchen. At McKkr’s we know what is required and keep in mind that you need your qualification in a few weeks. We are therefore committed to make it simple for you.

3. Submission of the application and skills check

This phase is pretty self-explanatory. Once the assessor at McKkr’s has compiled evidence, he/she lodges an application to one of our partner RTOs for assessment. Once the assessment is done, the RTO might request an additional skills check. Again, there is nothing to worry about. McKkr’s has extensive experience in arranging these. This might be an interview or practical observation.

Once the assessors are happy with your prowess, the RTO issues the qualification. Now you can be ready to grab that coveted job or climb the professional ladder!


Why Not?

If getting a qualification for your skills is quick, affordable and easy, the question is why not grab one? Get your FREE skills assessment today and let’s help you get that qualification in no time! Click HERE and let’s help you get your skills certified.

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