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In this blog we explore a link between informal learning and professional opportunities and shed some light on how RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) can be a bridge between the two. Below are three things we should keep in mind if following our passions is something we care for.


Informal learning is a trampoline to better opportunities

Informal learning as a concept might be misleading yet it is what we all do on a daily basis as we go about our day. Therefore in one way or another we are all involved in some sort of informal learning. It has been widely documented that most job related knowledge is acquired through informal channels.  Coming to its importance, a study conducted by Maastricht University revealed that “Informal learning is more important to workers’ performance than formal training.” The study also showcases the importance of informal learning for employees to keep up to speed with technological advancements. This informal learning helps people get a better paying position within the company itself. Alternatively, if one needs to change employers, the new employer needs proof of skills and there is nothing better than a formal qualification to do that.  This is where RPL can help.


There are opportunities where your heart is

It is easier to learn about something you are passionate and curious about. It happens naturally and next thing you know you have mastered more things than you thought you could. Benefits of informal learning include the relaxed way in which knowledge is acquired which allows people to learn using their best learning method. The excitement of learning makes barriers inconsequential; barriers to learning usually include time, cost and resistance to change. The challenge is sometimes monetising this knowledge and making sure you do what you love. Guess what, where your interests lie, there is money and with a formal qualification being available through RPL, the sky is the limit. It all starts with a FREE assessment to move from ‘Skilled’ to ‘Qualified’ thanks to the magic of RPL. As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.


Underestimating your knowledge might impede your progress

Studies have found that some high achievers underestimate their knowledge this can be explained by what is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. Low self-esteem can easily be the culprit in this scenario but it can also happen in the name of decency, politeness or any other reason.  This may lead to missing out on obtaining a qualification that might lead to a promotion, a career change or any other benefits of formal qualifications. If you are not sure about whether your informal skills are sufficient for you to get a qualification, getting a FREE assessment might amaze you by the number of qualifications you can get without taking a single class! Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) professionals can help you analyse your strengths and advise you accordingly FREE of charge. Contact us on this LINK for more information on getting qualifications through RPL scheme.

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