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Australia is one of the countries that attract international students and international talent. The relaxed lifestyle, as well wages that are  attractive compared to other countries, are some of the advantages new migrants enjoy. However, one needs to devise a sound strategy in order to enjoy all this. Below are some resources you can use if landing a dream job in Australia is something you want.

Learn about the most in demand markets

There are various resources that publish job market trends in Australia on a yearly basis.
Although a simple google search is a good way to start, there are recruitment agencies such as Hays, Hudson and Randstad, job boards such as Seek and Indeed that publish blogs, articles and analysis pieces about trends in the job market, in addition to job seeking tips and strategies. This is good starting point for people who are not familiar with the Australian job market. The Australian government – Department of Employment  has a wealth of information and insights for a better understanding of the Australian job market.  Other resources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics also offer relevant information. In the media, publications such as Business insider and The Guardian provide information on employment trends and analysis. One, or a combination of these resources, can help you get the right information in your niche area.

Every 6 months the Department of Home Affairs updates the eligible skilled occupations lists. These lists represent the skills that are highly in demand in Australia and also offer permanent residency to Australia.

Get the right qualifications

As an overseas skilled migrant you might need to retrain or get your qualifications assessed by competent bodies in Australia. If your goal is skilled migration for instance, you might need to check eligible occupations and corresponding qualifications. These lists usually provide information on skills assessing authorities depending on the occupation.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many jobs that do not require a degree, some of which are high paying or in high demand. If your skills, education or professional experience do not allow you to fulfil conditions for skilled migration you may consider certificate or diploma courses online to increase your eligibility. If you are skilled but lack qualifications to prove you have the right skills, Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) is your best bet. All you have to do is give proof of competency and Registered Training Organisations Australia wide will assess your competency against national standards and issue a qualification. In a nutshell, the right qualifications are the qualifications that allow you to pursue your dream career and there are options to cater for all your needs.

Get some experience to increase eligibility

Qualifications are good as proof of competency, but professional experience helps with skills assessment and gives jobseekers a competitive advantage in the ever changing labour market. There are many advantages of professional experience and there are a lot of ways people can gain workplace-based training. These include, but are not limited to; volunteering, internships and apprenticeships, depending on the career level and occupation. At times, it is a good idea to accept a pay cut or work for free! For more information and advice, follow this LINK.

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