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Are there unskilled labourers in the construction industry? Yes! This trend is so common that Deloitte conducted a study and came to a realisation that unskilled labourers in the construction industry in Victoria are some of the highest paid people in the country earning up to $150, 000 a year. Some people might find it hard to believe,  but there is ample evidence. The question is: how much would these people earn if they had a chance of gaining a nationally accredited qualification? Say a Diploma of Building and Construction or any other relevant certificate?  It’s a no brainer that the qualification will open more doors and fill the pocket even more. Below are some easy steps to financial security and a stellar career without attending a single class! This is what is usually known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


  1. Free skills assessment

Instead of pulling your hair out, trying to find out all the information you need on how to go from ‘skilled’ to ‘Qualified’ there are professionals who can help out with a Free Skills Assessment. This assessment is the first step in finding out if your skills are sufficient to get a qualification. Depending on your qualification, professionals will guide you through the entire process, which helps you save money, time and effort, to get the qualification you need.


  1. Gather any evidence that best demonstrates your skills.

This is another important RPL step. Again, professionals will guide you in getting the relevant evidence, but in everyday work as a labourer, you could ask for some recommendations, keep letters and any other documents that you have used in the past, etc. All these are things you might not take seriously on a daily basis, but in the long run they can help you get a qualification. The other good news is that you might realise your work experience has allowed you to develop skills in various areas. All this might help you in not only getting one qualification but two! Again, a Free Skills Assessment is the way to go.


  1. Consider online study to fill any skills gap

Given the continuous income rise for blue collar workers, white collars are increasingly turning blue. You might be in the category of people who want to work in the outdoors and continuously have banter with work colleagues while constantly working your muscles. The good news is, if you have some experience in a trade, you can get partial RPL and complete the rest of the education online and get a qualification in no time! This will enable you to keep earning while you study in your own time and eventually make a smooth transition when the time is right.

It’s time you did something other than sitting on gold and continue to be called an ‘unskilled labourer’ simply because your skills are not recognised. Free help is available and qualifications based on experience are inexpensive. Call us today, what have you got to lose?


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