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There are some rather uncomfortable subjects to discuss around the dinner table or at a Sunday barbecue with mates: moving sideways, accepting a pay cut or going from senior a position to a junior position in a different industry or company. Nonetheless, if your industry has no future, this is a great way to guarantee a future in a new career.


Dead industry

If your job is likely to be taken over by a robot or if your industry does not keep up with the latest technological trends, perhaps it is time you did something about it. With your experience and connections, it would be a shame to see the doors of your company close before you start thinking of your next step.

You are stagnating

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck and  not seeing any career progression or professional growth. Whilst there are many choices individuals can make to get out of that situation, moving sideways can be one of the solutions. Let’s face it moving sideways is better than not moving at all!

Prepare for something bigger later

This might include more career prospects, working with a better mentor or simply using a step sideways as a stepping stone to prepare for something bigger. We all know that contacts are important in any industry and as they say “it always pays to have your foot in the door”. If people are ready to work for free to gain experience and develop a professional network, moving sideways is a no-brainer.


Look for similar industries

Researching similar careers can be one of the most effective ways to go. For instance; a print journalist might convert into a blogger same skills set but a different medium. Many experienced people leave permanent jobs to become consultants. This may need a retrain or get appropriate qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or online study. In addition to qualifications, you might also need some licences. Although this sounds like progression, it is moving sideways in terms of income as at the beginning consultants may not have a steady income.

Leveraging informal learning

After years of working in an industry or in a particular job, you get exposed to many skill sets. For instance, a journalist will be exposed to photography and or video, the same way a marketer might be exposed to marketing technology involving IT technical skills such as SEO. In this case, you might need a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to make the transition to a new job at a junior level. You might choose to retrain completely if you so wish. In any case, it is unlikely that you will land a job in a different company with the same level of seniority.

Transform your second job into a main source of income

To get additional income, people are may decide to get a weekend job or a second job. While you recalibrate your career, you might quit the main job and keep the second/weekend job this can be a transitional move to a lateral career move before climbing the corporate ladder all over again. In case you do not have a second job, think of how to monetise your other hobbies, skills or asset.

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